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WCA News:

We're starting summer school today and looking forward to making our 28th year our best ever here at Windsor Christian Academy! Our first day of school this fall is Thursday, August 6th.

Many of our students participate in Gainesville Community Christian Band. Thank you, Everett McConn, for partnering with us to teach our students the skills needed to serve in their churches' music ministries.

Parents of high school students, visit our Students Page for more information about college scholarships available.

A message from our school committee:

Dear Parents,

Three words come to our minds as we think about fundamentally important information that you need as you make a decision about your child's education. Those three words are: Christian, academic, and affordable.

We are a distinctively Christian school. The passion of the teachers is to be modeling and teaching the Bible to our students. It is our heart's desire to see every student having a personal, saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ of the Holy Scriptures.

We are also very academic. We are not just a Sunday school class that meets all week long. We believe that God has called us to the grand task of helping students be everything that God has created them to be. We believe the verse from the book of Ecclesiastes that says, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it mightily." This includes academics. Some of our students come into school on Saturdays and during school breaks in order to make up academic deficiencies, or to better themselves.

The final word is affordable. The staff and teachers at Windsor Christian Academy know what is going on in our economy. We shop for groceries every week, have to keep our car running, and wonder how we can afford health insurance costs for our families. And yet, we believe that a godly, Christian education is a MUST for our children. Somehow we've made it work. We have purposefully kept tuition prices down, and we offer assistance with tuition where we see that parents are willing to make the same kinds of sacrifices that we are making to insure the continuation of this school ministry.

Call us if you want to talk about this kind of education for your child.

Jim Harper, Sandy Register, Becky Brown, Mike Redmond
School Committee
Phone: 352-375-7316